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  • July 10, 1982

    Military Action:

    IDF armored units trade intermittent artillery fire with PLO in W. Beirut following night of fierce shelling; IDF shelling wrecks Algeria's six-story embassy and Summerland...

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Military Action:

IDF armored units trade intermittent artillery fire with PLO in W. Beirut following night of fierce shelling; IDF shelling wrecks Algeria's six-story embassy and Summerland resort hotel, damages embassies of Kuwait, Iran, Iraq and UAE; PLO shells injure guard at presidential palace, land near residence of US Ambassador; IDF jets drop flares; 8 IDF shells hit Beirut racetrack; Phalangists resume blockade of food and fuel from West Beirut after IDF eased blockade yesterday; IDF units report capture of 600-700 PLO fighters, mainly in the Chouf mountains in the past week; IDF soldiers patrol villages in the area to prevent violence between Druze and Christian villagers.


Nine IDF soldiers reportedly wounded in past 24 hours; private Lebanese radio station reports 12 Palestinians killed, 18 wounded; Israeli Economy Minister Meridor, heading aid program in southern Lebanon, claims only 10 Sidon buildings damaged beyond repair (Sidon's mayor says hundreds); 50-60 people are being arrested each week in the Sidon area alone on suspicion of being PLO members/ sympathizers; ICRC still denied access to IDF's "civilian detainees" except for 18 injured being held in an Israeli hospital; refugee estimates of civilian dead in Ain el-Hilweh run to "thousands"; despite reports by IDF Druze unit which attacked camp with little PLO resistance, large areas of camp were devastated, hundreds buried under the rubble; death toll for Beirut alone since June 4 put at 2,683.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israel reportedly sent Reagan documents indicating "mercenaries" from Asia/Africa fought with PLO and that M-16 rifles sold by the US to Saudi Arabia were found in southern Lebanon; Sharon says all PLO and Syrian forces must leave Lebanon before IDF will withdraw; Israel rejects use of multinational force as "buffer" between IDF and PLO forces; Foreign Ministry official Kimche and Israeli military intelligence officer Saguy meet with Habib in Beirut; several cabinet ministers opposed to IDF assault on Beirut even if negotiations fail; 300 IDF reservists in Tel Aviv call for an end to the war in Lebanon.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Negotiations make little headway as PLO insists on political concessions, protection for Palestinian refugees in return for evacuation; PLO also reported to insist on retaining heavy as well as light weapons; Habib meets with Wazzan, Sarkis, Butros; Salam accuses Sharon of ordering Friday bombardment to sabotage talks; Wazzan insists US and other peacekeeping troops be deployed in W. Beirut before the PLO evacuation to protect Muslims from possible reprisals by Phalangists; Habib suggests PLO evacuation by sea using French, Canadian, Belgian or Greek navy escort; PLO's Khalaf predicts IDF will take Beirut "bit by bit."

Arab Governments: Syria continues to refuse to accept more than PLO leadership.

US and Other Countries: France agrees "in principle" to send peacekeeping troops to Beirut if all parties to the conflict and the UN agree; Draper, in Syria, fails to persuade it to accept PLO guerrillas; White House officials say the US "would welcome" use of French troops in Lebanon; USSR warns France not to submit to Washington's "dangerous plans"; Habib sets August 1 as date to begin PLO evacuation; Greece offers ships to facilitate PLO evacuation; Pope sends message to president of Israel urging honorable treatment of defeated Palestinians.

UN: UNIFIL spokesman says the number of persons in the UNIFIL area has doubled with the influx of refugees fleeing fighting in the north, many with no roof over their heads.