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  • August 1, 1982

    Military Action:

    IDF bombards PLO positions, residential areas in West Beirut by land, sea, air for 14 hours in fiercest fighting since invasion began; IDF makes only slight gains in...

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Military Action:

IDF bombards PLO positions, residential areas in West Beirut by land, sea, air for 14 hours in fiercest fighting since invasion began; IDF makes only slight gains in advances on PLO positions, refugee camps south of airport and along coastal highway from Ouzai; IDF occupies Beirut airport, approaches edge of Burj al-Barajneh camp; Eitan says operations tightened siege; IDF strikes hit Sabra, Shatila, Burj al-Barajneh, Corniche Mazraa, Museum and Galerie Semaan crossings, Salam's house, Muslim residential areas on east side of West Beirut not previously shelled; 150 IDF bombing runs across Beirut drop an estimated 260 tons of bombs; IDF attempt to land troops along coast repulsed; ninth cease-fire called at 5 PM; PLO shells 10 East Beirut neighborhoods; PLO claims 30 IDF tanks, troop carriers destroyed.


IDF says 9, PLO says 80, Israeli soldiers wounded in fighting; heavy damage to buildings; Lebanese radio station reports 55 neighborhoods hit, most distant from Palestinian camps; all hospitals except one reported hit, as well as ICRC offices; fires burn out of control as smoke blankets city; 15 Lebanese killed, 40 wounded by PLO barrages into Phalangist-held territory; lack of electricity to operate water pumps continues shortage of water (one hour after cease-fire, IDF cuts water again); Lebanese police estimate 200 dead, 400 wounded from IDF bombardment; 50 IDF soldiers serving in Lebanon sentenced for looting since invasion began (in some cases, stole items from prisoners being transported to Israel from Sidon, Tyre); while damage to Palestinian neighborhoods enormous, PLO military losses reported small; reports of IDF use of phosphorus shells in civilian areas growing; parliament building hit; one of West Beirut's two remaining fire stations is destroyed, leaving three trucks to cover 10 square miles and protect a population estimated at 600,000.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon, in interview with David Brinkley, claims Beirut Airport under IDF control, reaffirms Israel's willingness to allow further time for mediation efforts, claims PLO seeks "immunity among the civilian population"; Israeli official, rejecting US appeals for military restraint, says IDF will respond maximally to PLO cease-fire violations, will not accept "war of attrition"; Cabinet meets, again postpones decision on whether IDF will enter city; Peace Now sends telegram to Begin claiming capture of West Beirut will not serve Israeli interests; Labor leader Danny Rosolio appeals for urgent meeting of Knesset's foreign affairs/defense committee; Shamir arrives in Washington for meeting with Reagan; Cabinet sets up ministerial committee under Mordechai Ben-Porat to work with Lebanese government on finding winter accommodations for thousands of Palestinian refugees left homeless in wake of invasion and to explore resettlement of refugees (must decide on UNRWA request to import tents for refugees); Mapam central committee urges government not to try to occupy West Beirut but to seek diplomatic solution; thousands participate in Rakah-sponsored demonstration against Lebanon war in Nazareth (participants include leaders of local Arab councils).

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Sarkis protests IDF moves when negotiations are moving ahead; Salam calls Habib 10 times trying to arrange cease-fire; Wazzan makes passionate appeal to world leaders to intervene, as sit-in by Lebanese Muslim women continues at American University of Beirut.

US and Other Countries: Reagan stresses need for cease-fire as State Department says fighting undermines chances for peaceful PLO withdrawal from Beirut.

UN: Security Council debates resolution calling for deployment of independent observers to monitor situation around Beirut; Council later unanimously demands immediate cease-fire throughout Lebanon, authorizes Secretary General to deploy military observers to check compliance (Israel reportedly withholding agreement, pending Cabinet decision, to deployment of observers around Beirut).