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  • April 2, 2024

    In the West Bank, a Palestinian man succumbs to injuries sustained from Israeli forces in Qabatiya on 3/30. Israeli settlers assault a Palestinian woman during a raid in Susiya in the Masafer...

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  • November 9, 2021

    In the West Bank, Israeli settlers vandalized Palestinian property in al-Bireh, drawing the star of David and writing racist slogans on a building and a vehicle. Israeli forces demolished 3 houses...

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In the West Bank, a Palestinian man succumbs to injuries sustained from Israeli forces in Qabatiya on 3/30. Israeli settlers assault a Palestinian woman during a raid in Susiya in the Masafer Yatta area. Israeli settlers also throw stones at Palestinian vehicles traveling near Nablus, causing damage. Israeli forces shoot and injure a Palestinian man during a raid in Nablus. Israeli forces also assault Palestinian farmers in the Masafer Yatta area. Elsewhere, Israeli forces demolish 2 homes in as-Samu and 2 homes under construction in al-Simiya. Israeli forces also seize a rickshaw in Deir Balut. Meanwhile, Israeli forces raze land near Ya’bad and Arrabah. Israeli forces also arrest 34 Palestinians during late-night raids in and around Husa, Battir, Bethlehem, Qalandia, Hizma, Nablus, Madama, Qabalan, Qiffin, ‘Azzun, and Jayyus. In Gaza, Israeli forces bomb Rafah, Dayr al-Balah, Khan Yunis, Gaza City, and Nuseirat refugee camp, killing at least 71 people. In Lebanon, Israeli forces bomb Ainata, Aitaroun, and Blida. Hezbollah forces fire rockets at Nahariya. In Jordan, protesters demonstrate outside of the Israeli embassy in Amman for the 10th day in a row. (AJ, HA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 4/2; AJ, UNOCHA 4/3)

More than 32,916 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, including at least 13,750 children and 8,900 women, and around 75,495 have been injured since 10/7/2023. At least 7,000 people are missing in rubble, including 1,700 children. 446 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 10/7/2023, including 112 children. More than 4,700 people have been injured. Israel reports that 1,139 Israelis and foreign nationals have been killed and 5,400 have been injured in Israel since 10/7/2023, including Israeli soldiers. In addition, 254 Israeli soldiers have been killed and 1,520 injured in Gaza since the ground invasion began on 10/27/2023. Over 1.93 million Palestinians, nearly 85% of the population of Gaza, have been displaced since 10/7/2023. There has been a complete electricity blackout in Gaza since 10/12/2023 due to the Israeli blockade. At least 70,000 housing units have been destroyed and 290,000 have been damaged in Israeli airstrikes since 10/7/2023, constituting over 60% of all housing units. U.S. forces airdrop aid over northern Gaza. 158 trucks carrying aid enter Gaza. The UN suspends aid movements at night in Gaza, citing risks to aid workers. (AJ, WAFA 4/2; AJ, HA, REU, UNOCHA 4/3; UNOCHA 4/5)

Anera, the second largest humanitarian organization in Gaza, suspends operations following the Israeli attack on World Central Kitchen aid workers on 4/1 that killed 7 people. The UAE suspends its operations in the maritime corridor between Cyprus and Gaza due to the attack. (AJ, AX, HA, REU, WAFA 4/2; AJ 4/3)

140 countries sign letters to the presidents of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly, and UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres supporting Palestine gaining full UN membership. The Security Council would have to approve full membership for Palestine before the General Assembly can vote on approval. U.S. deputy ambassador to the UN Robert Wood says the U.S. position remains that the issue of Palestinian statehood is a final status issue to be decided in talks between Israel and Palestine. (REU 4/2; AJ, AP 4/3)

A ceasefire proposal formulated by Egypt and Qatar is sent to Hamas. (HA 4/3)

The World Bank and the UN release a report saying the damage to Gaza’s infrastructure is estimated at $18.5 billion and that the estimated 26 million tons of rubble caused by Israeli destruction  will take years to remove. (AJ, REU, WAFA 4/2; AJ 4/3)

PA prime minister Mohammad Mustafa addresses the first cabinet meeting of the new government, outlining 3 major priorities: easing the hardship of Palestinians in Gaza, achieving financial stability, and reform of public institutions to make them more productive, accountable, and transparent. Mustafa also speaks with UK foreign secretary David Cameron, Egyptian prime minister Mustafa Madbouly, and Japanese foreign minister Yoko Kamikawa in separate phone calls. PA president Mahmoud Abbas speaks with Jordanian king Abdullah II in a phone call, saying he supports Jordan as external forces are trying to interfere in internal Jordanian affairs, exploiting the situation in Gaza. It is not immediately clear what Abbas is referring to, but it could relate to the more than week-long protests outside of the Israeli embassy in Amman. (AJ, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 4/2; WAFA 4/3)

The UN Security Council discusses Israel’s attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 4/1. The Russian and Iranian ambassadors condemn the attack, as does Secretary-General Guterres who says the “inviolability of diplomatic and consular premises and personnel must be respected in all cases in accordance with international law.” The U.S., France, and the UK do not condemn the Israeli attack but say that diplomatic structures should be protected. (AJ, HA, REU 4/2; NYT 4/3)

U.S. secretary of state Antony Blinken meets with French president Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Blinken says the U.S. is in contact with Israel on how to distribute aid in Gaza, adding not enough aid is getting in. (HA 4/2)

U.S. national security advisor Jake Sullivan postpones a trip to Saudi Arabia to discuss Saudi-Israeli normalization with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman after he suffers a cracked rib. (AJ, AX, HA 4/2; REU 4/3)

47,800 Americans in Wisconsin vote “uninstructed” in the Democratic primary election, more than the 20,682 votes President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by in the state in 2020. Wisconsin is one of several swing states where a campaign to criticize Biden’s policy on Gaza has gathered significant support. (HA 4/2; AJ 4/3)

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers vandalized Palestinian property in al-Bireh, drawing the star of David and writing racist slogans on a building and a vehicle. Israeli forces demolished 3 houses in al-Walaja and 1 agricultural structure in al-Khader. Israeli forces also sprayed herbicides on olive crops in Battir, damaging 70 olive seedlings. 7 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Jenin, Ya‘bad, Husan, Bayt Awa, and Hebron; Israeli forces shot 1 Palestinian with live ammunition protesting the raid in Husan. In East Jerusalem, 1 Palestinian family demolished their own home in Jabel Mukaber. Off the coast of Gaza, Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishermen 3 nautical miles from the coast; no injuries were reported. (HA, MEMO, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 11/9; PCHR 11/11)

PA prime minister Mohammed Shtayyeh said during a cabinet meeting that the PA had only received 10% of the usual contributions to its economy that it receives from foreign donors, leading to a very difficult financial situation. Prime minister Shtayyeh also pointed to Israeli deductions in the PA’s tax revenue and the COVID-19 pandemic as contributing to the PA’s financial hardship. (WAFA 11/9; MEMO 11/10)

PA president Mahmoud Abbas and EU representatives inaugurated a new headquarters built for the Palestinian Central Elections Commission, funded by the EU, in Ramallah. (WAFA, WAFA 11/9)

Jordanian king Abdallah II and foreign minister Ayman Safadi met with head of the United Arab List Mansour Abbas in Amman, to discuss the 2-state solution and King Abdallah’s custodianship of the holy places in Jerusalem. Abbas also told reporters that PA president Mahmoud Abbas has requested meeting him but that he has opted not to, fearing the response from the government coalition. (HA 11/9; ALM, ALM, MEMO 11/10)

Israel’s environmental protection minister Tamar Zandberg of Meretz (Vigor) said that the Israeli government was violating the coalition agreement by continuing to expand settlements in the West Bank. Environmental Protection Minister Zandberg also said she was dismayed by the targeting of Palestinian rights organizations in the West Bank. (HA 11/9)

Colombia’s president Iván Duque Márquez opened a trade office to Israel in Jerusalem, during a visit. The PA condemned the move and called on Colombia to reverse the decision. (TOI 11/9; WAFA 11/10)

UN humanitarian agencies and the Association of International Development Agencies, representing more than 80 NGOs, issued a statement in support of the 6 Palestinian rights organizations that were declared terrorist organizations by Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz on 10/22. (HA, OCHA, WAFA 11/9; MEMO 10/10)

The Qatar Fund for Development pledged $25 million to UNRWA after meetings between UNRWA commissioner-general Philippe Lazzarini and Qatar officials in Doha. (MEMO, WAFA 11/10)