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  • February 12, 2024

    In the West Bank, Israeli settlers shoot and injure 2 Palestinians, including a child, and set a vehicle and a home on fire during a raid in ‘Asira al-Qibliya. Israeli settlers also assault 2...

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In the West Bank, Israeli settlers shoot and injure 2 Palestinians, including a child, and set a vehicle and a home on fire during a raid in ‘Asira al-Qibliya. Israeli settlers also assault 2 Palestinians and damage their vehicles after raiding their home in Kisan. Elsewhere, Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian homes and set a car on fire in Madama. Israeli settlers also demolish 3 structures in Susiya. Meanwhile, Israeli settlers set fire to a vehicle in Huwwara. Israeli forces shoot and injure 4 Palestinians during raid in Tell, al-Ram, Tammun, and Ramallah. Israeli forces also violently disperse a funeral procession in Biddu, injuring 2 people with baton rounds. Elsewhere, Israeli forces arrest 27 Palestinians during raids in and around Hebron, Tubas, Tell, Deir Ghassana, ‘Azzun, and Arrabah. In East Jerusalem, a Palestinian child succumbs to injuries sustained from Israeli forces on 2/11 in the Old City. Israeli settlers tour the Haram al-Sharif compound. In Gaza, Israeli forces bomb Rafah, Dayr al-Balah, Khan Yunis, and Gaza City, killing at least 164 people, including at least 74 people in Rafah. Israeli forces also shoot and kill 7 and injure at least 14 others at the Nasser Hospital. 3 Israelis soldiers are killed in combat. In Lebanon, Israeli forces bomb several places, killing 5 members of Hezbollah, including in a home in Chihine. Islamic Jihad says 2 of its fighters were killed by Israel near the Blue Line. In the Red Sea, Houthi fighters attack a cargo ship with naval missiles, saying it is U.S. owned. (AJ, AJ, AJ, AJ, AP, AP, HA, HA, REU, REU, UNOCHA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 2/12; AJ, AP, HA, HA 2/13; AJ, AP, HA 2/14)

More than 28,340 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, including at least 11,500 children and 7,200 women, and around 67,984 have been injured since 10/7/2023. At least 8,000 people are missing in rubble, including 1,700 children. 387 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 10/7/2023, including 99 children. More than 4,426 people have been injured. Israel reports that 1,139 Israelis and foreign nationals have been killed and 5,400 have been injured in Israel since 10/7/2023, including Israeli soldiers. In addition, 227 Israeli soldiers have been killed and 1,326 injured in Gaza since the ground invasion began on 10/27/2023. Over 1.93 million Palestinians, nearly 85% of the population of Gaza, have been displaced since 10/7/2023. There has been a complete electricity blackout in Gaza since 10/12/2023 due to the Israeli blockade. At least 70,000 housing units have been destroyed and 290,000 have been damaged in Israeli airstrikes since 10/7/2023, constituting over 60% of all housing units. 9 trucks carrying aid enter Gaza. UNRWA Gaza chief Thomas White says there is an outbreak of hepatitis A and a very high number of Palestinians experiencing diarrhea. (AJ, UNOCHA, UNOCHA, WAFA 2/12; UNOCHA 2/13)

Israel says it forces rescued 2 Israeli captives from a building in Rafah. Israel says the large-scale airstrikes on Rafah that killed at least 74 Palestinians were a diversion for the rescue mission. (HA, NYT 2/11; AJ, AJ, AP, AX, HA, HA, NYT, NYT, UNOCHA, REU, REU 2/12; NYT 2/13)

PA president Mahmoud Abbas meets with Qatari emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Doha, discussing the possibility of a unity government in Palestine. (HA, WAFA 2/12)

Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah meets with Islamic Jihad secretary-general Ziad al-Nakhalah. (AJ, HA 2/12)

Israeli finance minister Bezalel Smotrich says, “the Egyptians bear considerable responsibility for October 7.” A spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry says Smotrich is trying to divert attention from Israel’s own shortcomings. Foreign Minister Israel Katz and Interior Minister Moshe Arbel say UN special rapporteur on the Palestinian territories Francesca Albanese will be banned from Israel, citing her comments that the “victims of 7/10 were not killed because of their Judaism, but in response to Israel’s oppression.” U.S. representative to the UN Human Rights Council Michele Taylor accuses Albanese of having a “history of using anti-Semitic tropes.” (AJ, HA 2/12; AJ 2/13)

U.S. president Joe Biden meets with Jordanian king Abdullah II at the White House. Biden tells the press that Palestinians in Rafah need to be protected. Abdullah II says a lasting ceasefire is needed to protect Palestinians and an Israeli invasion of Rafah would be a catastrophe. (AJ, AX, HA, NYT 2/12; NYT, WAFA 2/13)

The UN Security Council meets to discuss the situation in Rafah and an Algerian draft resolution calling for a ceasefire. Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN secretary-general, says the UN will not play a part in Israel’s plans for evacuation of Rafah, saying “there is no place that is currently safe in Gaza.” ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan says he is deeply concerned about Israel’s plans in Rafah, adding “[a]ll wars have rules and the laws applicable to armed conflict cannot be interpreted so as to render them hollow or devoid of meaning.” Khan also says Israel has not changed its conduct in Gaza and “those who do not comply with the law should not complain later when my Office takes action pursuant to its mandate.” (AJ, HA, NYT 2/12; AJ, HA 2/13)

The U.S. Senate votes 70-29 to approve a bill which if approved by the House and President Biden would provide $95 billion in military aid to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel, including $14 billion to Israel, ban funding of UNRWA, and provide $9.15 billion in humanitarian assistance to civilians in conflict zones, including in Gaza and the West Bank. Biden calls on the House to immediately approve the Senate bill, which he says, “provides Israel with what it needs to protect its people against the terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah and others.” Before voting in favor of the bill, Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) says Israel is committing “textbook” war crimes in Gaza. (HA 2/12; AJ, AP, HA, HA, INT 2/13)

EU high commissioner for foreign affairs Josep Borell calls on the U.S. to suspend military aid to Israel saying, “if you believe that too many people are being killed, maybe you should provide less arms in order to prevent so many people being killed.” (AJ, AJ, HA, HA 2/12)

The UK government sanctions 4 Israeli settlers. The PA foreign ministry welcomes the measure but calls it insufficient. (AJ, HA, REU, WAFA, WAFA 2/12)

A Dutch court orders the Dutch government to halt exports of F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel. The Dutch government says it will appeal the decision to the Supreme Court. (AJ, AJ, AP, HA, HA, NYT, REU, WAFA 2/12)