Wednesday, September 1, 1982

Military Action:

Last 700 PLO forces leave Beirut for North Yemen; Abu lyad and Abu Walid head last PLO group to leave Beirut; Arafat arrives in Greece to warm welcome by Papandreou.


Lebanese Army begins taking over Beirut security as stores open; relief agency officer estimates 20,000 wounded, 4,000 killed in war so far (Al-Nahar estimates 17,825 killed, 30,103 wounded); Amal militia release two Israel Radio workers who entered Burn al-Barajneh Monday.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli officials react angrily to Reagan proposals (Begin interrupts vacation to convene Cabinet meeting for tomorrow; Shamir says Reagan has departed from Camp David Accords; Tehiya Party members call for expanded settlements as answer to Reagan); Weinberger arrives in Israel, meets Sharon; Deputy Premier David Levy, dedicating new Jewish settlement, says government hopes to settle 100,000 Jews in West Bank during next 10 years; Shamir says Israel will never give up occupied territories; Begin meets Bashir Gemayel in secret meeting in Israel border town of Nahariya.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat says US pledge to protect Palestinian refugees left in Lebanon "fundamental" to PLO agreement to leave Beirut (choice of Greece as first stop seen as snub to Arabs); Lebanese government orders all barricades removed inside Beirut, bans armed men from streets, seeks to abolish Green Line (Murabitun reportedly orders forces to comply); Lebanese Muslims oppose quick withdrawal of multinational force.

US and Other Countries: Reagan, in letter to Begin and address to US population, urges "self-rule" by Palestinians in entity linked to Jordan, asks for halt to new Jewish settlements in occupied territories; Senator Hatfield charges $4.5 m. diverted from humanitarian assistance to Lebanon to help pay for PLO evacuation from Beirut; Weinberger meets with Gemayel, Butros, Wazzan, Habib, and says US Marines should leave Beirut within a few days, shocking Lebanese Muslim, European diplomats.