Thursday, December 1, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Imam of Katibeh Mosque in Gaza given 18 mos. prison term for "incitement" after denouncing murder of Hebron U. students last July. Gaza artist, Fathi Ghabin's detention extended for producing "inciting" posters. Raphael Eitan and Chaim Herzog lead public castigation of 6 Israeli POWs returned by PLO in November prisoner exchange and 2 others still captive for cowardly surrender. Gush Emunim settlers camp at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus declaring to create permanent Jewish presence there; Peace Now warns of demonstration next day, supports DM Zipori's position that encampment is illegal. Teachers in 10 Israeli gov't. schools in Ramallah and al-Bireh strike over low wages. Life sentences given 2 Palestinians charged with killing Ramallah Village League head (1981), and an attack on IDF officer imposed as "(mayor" of al-Bireh; 2 others sentenced to 12-14 years for attacking Israeli settler in Hebron.

Arab World: Arafat accepts outline of Saudi-organized ceasefire in Tripoli. After letter from Pres. Reagan reiterating US position, King Hussein says he is prepared to resume talks with Arafat on joint Palestinian-Jordanian approach to negotiations with Israel; in light of current struggle in Tripoli, Hussein promises to put "no conditions on him. " Rebel spokesman asserts Tripoli fighting results from Arafat's refusal to heed Coordination Committee proposals. Tyre municipality opens special employment office for men released from Ansar prison; appeals to UNRWA to provide jobs.

Other Countries: Meeting in Washington, Pres. Gemayel and Reagan agree to stand by May 17 Lebanese-Israeli agreement. US Sec. of Defense Weinberger tells Jewish leaders of Synagogue Council of America that Arafat is "irrelevant" to future of Middle East. Chile's FM ends visit to Israel; agreement reached to expand mutual trade and agricultural cooperation. Abu Ja'far, Dir. of PLO Political Dep't holds talks with Soviet charge d'affaires in Tunis; also received GDR, DPRK, Rumanian, Polish and Czech ambassadors on occasion of Int'l. Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People. Major oil co.s shipping under Liberian flag pressure Liberian gov't. to cancel plans for embassy in Jerusalem; ambassador reported looking for alternative location in Tel Aviv.


Arab World: Palestinian casualties in Lebanon mountain artillery exchanges: 2 PFLP fighters, 1from Struggle Front, 2 from Liberation Army and 1 from al-Saiqa killed; 2 from Struggle Front wounded. Israel-backed militia chief in S. Lebanon, Abu Saleh, quits to renew loyalty to Amal militia. 1983 to date, 71 Druze quit Israeli military for religious reasons (compares with 19 in 1982).