Thursday, December 6, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF reports $3 million in stolen army property returned by citizens during November "month of grace" [JTA 12/7]. 5 members of Gaza "Islamic military group" sentenced from 9 to 13 yrs. for membership, arms and currency violations [JP 12/7]. Defense Ministry announces plan to double police force in occupied territories [JP 12/7]. Umm al-Fahm attorney Hussein Abu Hussein arrested on political charges based on "secret testimony"; supporters cite his activity in Abna' al-Balad movement and defense of W. Bank prisoners as true reason [FJ 12/14]. IDF officer in charge of W. Bank judiciary sends letter to W. Bank prosecutor general stating W. Bank civil courts cannot try Israeli identity card holders in criminal or traffic cases [FJ 1/11].

Military Action

Arab World: Black September claims responsibility for 12/4 assassination of Jordanian diplomat 'Azmi al-Mufti in Bucharest [JP 12/7].