Tuesday, July 10, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli squatters pitch tents on Abu Dis village land (6 km S. of Jerusalem) secretly declared closed; local landowners present written protest to authorities. Beit Sahour Arab Women's Union issues statement negating recent meeting with "civil admin." representative, and pledges to abide by boycott of "civil admin." Jerusalem police arrest Waqf official for allowing funeral with coffin draped with Palestinian flag.

Arab World: Beirut protesters end 4-day blockade of West Beirut and Beirut Airport after Pres. Gemayel promises to place issue of prisoners at top of cabinet agenda. French Pres. Mitterrand in Amman endorses King Hussein's call for UN-sponsored peace negotiations, including 15 members of Security Council and confronting Middle East states.

Other Countries: Chrmn. Arafat meets UN Sec. Gen. De Cuellar in Geneva to discuss proposed UN-sponsored peace negotiations.

Military Action

Arab World: Pro-Israel mayor Jawad Khalifa of Sarafand, S. Lebanon killed by car bomb.