Monday, September 3, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Gaza military court charges 2 Israeli officers with 5/1/84 attack & blinding of Gaza man M. H; Abu Amra.

Arab World: 3 Palestinian Nat'l. Action leaders in Jordan voice opposition to PNC mtg. before agreement between all PLO groups. Lebanese Pres. Gemayel meets Pres. Assad in Damascus for talks on security and political reforms. Palestine Higher Military Council meets in Tunis, endorses Aden-Algiers agreement (6/27). Chrmn. Arafat meets with Algerian (FLN) officials.

Other Countries: Nigerian gov't. sanctions chiefs Oba Sijuade II and Alhaji Ado Bayero for recent visit to Jerusalem for talks with Israeli officials. Israel Aircraft Industries recruits 10 engineers from Lear Fan plant in Belfast, N. Ireland to accelerate production of Lavi jets. France's Chief Rabbi Rene Sirat condemns Kahane as "contrary to all ideals of Judaism." Venezuelan Confederation of Jewish Associations denounces Pan American Gymnastics Federation support for Palestine's membership in International Gymnastics Federation.