Friday, August 2, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Al-Najah University is ordered closed for two months, following 7/31 raid in which army officials say they found "inciting" material [FJ 8/9]. Chinese government spokesman denies reports about secret arms deal between China and Israel [NYT 8/3]. Israeli sources confirm top-ranking Israeli diplomat last month paid "private" visit to the Soviet Union [JTA 8/2]. Police at military roadblock outside Jenin detain 12 Kach supporters apparently on their way to Arrabuna, home of three Palestinians suspected of killing two Israeli schoolteachers [JP 8/2]. Curfew on Nablus continues {JP 8/4].

Military Action

Arab World: Israeli warplanes destroy headquarters of Syrian Socialist Nationalist party in the Biqa' Valley; group claimed responsibility for suicide car bomb attacks against Israeli troops in security zone. Members of SSNP say some leaders escaped, 2 killed, and 4 injured [NYT 8/3].