Thursday, March 7, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: In Jerusalem, The Foreign Press Assoc. protests 3/6 IDF treatment of 7 joumalists arrested near Tyre, S. Lebanon [NYT 3/7]. Led by Rabbi Moshe Levinger, more than 50 Gush Emunim settlers from Kiryat Arba march through downtown Hebron in celebration of Purim [FJ 3/15].

Other Countries: US Sec. of State Shultz testifies before Senate subcommittee that Israel has not made enough progress toward solving economic problems to warrant $2.6 billion in new aid [NYT 3/9].

Military Action

Arab World: Action in S. Lebanon: IDF soldier killed in clash with Lebanese Army, resistance fighters after IDF kill 2 resistance fighters, pursue other suspects across last-stage withdrawal line near Kawthariyat al-Siyad [NYT, WP 3/7]. Resistance fighters battle SLA near Shukin; 4 SLA fighters wounded, 1 resistance commando killed [JP 3/8]. IDF position near Deir Qanun al-Nahr, SLA post near Qa'qa'iya Bridge attacked; no casualties reported [NYT 3/9]. IDF raid Hallusiya; 8 arrested; 4 houses destroyed. IDF raid Teir Filsay; arrest 14 [WP 3/8]. IDF raid Kafr Danis, make undisclosed number of arrests [LT 3/8]. SLA, Shin Bet forces kill 16-yr. old Insaf Kourani, wound 3 other women in Yatar; IDF, SLA block evacuation of wounded by Irish UNIFIL troops [LT, WP 3/8]. UNIFIL also report SLA attempts to block entrance of UNIFIL into village [WP 3/8].