Thursday, October 3, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: P.M. Peres tells group of senators Jordan should publicly state it is not formally at war with Israel, recognize Israel's right to exist [WP 10/4]. Def. Min. Yitzhak Rabin states Yasir Arafat was not intended as a target in the 10/1 raid on PLO headquarters in Tunis UTA 10/4]. Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to Israel end 4-week protest outside chief rabbinate offices in Jerusalem after P.M. Peres works out compromise whereby only certain couples whose Judaism is suspect will be required to undergo ritual conversion; the decision will be left to local rabbis [LAT, LT 10/4].

Arab World: Yasir Arafat's deputy Abu Jihad and Pres. Mubarak both vow to continue working for a M.E. peace despite Israel's 10/1 air raid on Tunis [CT 10/4]. PLO officials state they are certain the 3 Israelis killed 9/25 in Cyprus were Mossad agents working undercover [DT 10/4]. Armored vehicles and riot police protect U.S. embassy in Tunis after bomb threats and demonstrations against Reagan's announcement of approval for the Israeli raid [LAT, LT 10/4].

Other Countries: Senior State Dept. official says the U.S. has implicitly warned Israel against attacking PLO bases in Jordan [LAT 10/4].