Wednesday, February 5, 1986


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel deports 3 more Palestinians to Jordan: Mahmud Fa'anun, from the West Bank; and Hasan Muhammad Ahmad al-'Amudi and Jalal Hafiz Hashim 'Azizi, both from the Gaza Strip. Military sources state they were affiliated to the PFLP [JP 2/6; FJ 2/7]. The 3 refused to appeal to the High Court, believing they would not get a fair trial [FJ 2/7]. Deputy head of the Red Cross delegation in Israel, jean Jacques Fresard, sharply criticizes Israeli govt. for deporting Palestinians from the occupied territories to Jordan, termsuch actions "completely illegal" [JP 2/6].

Arab World: King Hussein and Yasir Arafat begin new round of talks in Amman [BG 2/6]. Arafat reportedly gives Hussein 3- point plan whereby PLO would accept UN resolution 242 in return for firm measures calling for Palestinian state; PLO was in return given countersuggestion that originated with U.S. officials [JP 2/11]. Egypt, Israel begin 2 days of talks on Taba border dispute [BG 2/6]. Ahmad Jibril, head of PFLP-GC, states passengers on U.S., Israeli commercial airliners may become targets for reprisals for Israel's interception of Libyan jet [TS 2/6].

Military Action

Other Countries: Bomb explodes in Paris sporting goods store, wounding 9 [WP, LAT 2/6].