Wednesday, November 8, 1989


Occupied Palestine/Israel: One of Israel's small religious parties, Agudat Israel, leaves the governing coalition for two months in hopes of forcing Likud to change the electoral system to end the "nearly permanent political deadlock," which many say preventshe peace process from moving forward [NYT 11/9].

Arab World: Women are allowed to cast ballots for the first time in Jordan's general election, the first election in that country in 22 years [NYT, WP 11/9].

Other Countries: U.S. Sec. of State Baker tells reporters that the U.S. had rejected Israeli imposed conditions on Baker's 5- point framework for peace talks even before the Israeli cabinet formally adopted the Israeli-modified plan earlier this week [WP 11/9]. U.S.-PLO dialogue continues in Tunis [FBIS 11/8].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: At least 10 Palestinians are wounded in clashes throughout the O.T.; IDF confiscates 15 automobiles belonging to Palestinians in Nablus; Rafah man suspected of collaboration is killed; Palestinian is shot, killed, 15 are arrested for membership in PFLP [FBIS 11/16].

Arab World: A car bomb explodes in West Beirut killing 4, injuring 16, in a neighborhood a few blocks from the villa where President Moawad is staying [NYT, WP 11/9].