Saturday, August 4, 1990

Islamic Conference Organization, meeting in Cairo, issues statement condemning Iraqi invasion of Kuwait; 6 of 30 states "refrained from approving" the resolution: Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Sudan, and Mauritania [MENA 8/4 in FBIS 8/6].

Washington Post reports Iraqi invasion of Kuwait has created complex problems for Palestinian leadership; worries that popular Palestine support for Saddam Hussein will overshadow intifada [WP 8/ 5].

Yasir Arafat arrives in Alexandria and meets with Pres. Mubarak [MENA 8/4 in FBIS 8/6].

New York Times reports that housing shortages in Israel have forced 1,576 families to live in tents; gov't. officials say 17,135 immigrants arrived in July, of which 15,294 were from USSR [NYT 8/ 5].