Sunday, January 7, 1990


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel's coalition government confirms Communications Minister Gad Yaacobi as newest member of 12-person Inner Cabinet. Yaacobi replaces Ezer Weizman [LAT 1/8].

Other Countries: Delegates from several U.S. organizations on fact-finding mission visit Dhaysheh refugee camp [FJ 1/15].

Military Action

Occupied Palestine/Israel: Jordanian army increases patrols around Hamat Gader in wake of recent shooting incidents [FBIS 1/8]; Israeli army patrol in Hamat Gader shoots, kills Jordanian soldier who had crossed border into Israel [NYT, LAT, FBIS 1/8].

Palestinian youths in Ibtan set fire to Israeli bus carrying Arab workers. No one is injured [NYT 1/8].

IDF shoots dead 18-year-old Palestinian from Tulkarm [NYT, FBIS 1/8].

Another 18-year-old Palestinian dies from wounds received 12/30 [FBIS 1/8].

IDF places Rafah under curfew [FBIS 1/8] and seals 2 houses in Baytuniya, 1in Dayr Abu-Sa'id, and 1 in Ayn Arik [FBIS 1/9].