Tuesday, June 12, 1990

Testifying before Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Sec. of State James Baker says U.S. will not rush to break off contacts with PLO, despite fact that PLO's response to 5/30 attempted attack has "fallen short of the mark." Baker reports that "an extraordinarily large number" of allies has urged Washington not to move too quickly or rashly [WT, WP 6/13]; Baker also says that at least 7 nations including Egypt and USSR have agreed to urge PLO to save its dialogue with U.S. [LAT 6/13]; Pres. Bush reiterates his call for PLO to roundly condemn 5/30 attempted attack [WP 6/13].

Officials in Bush admin. and Congress say Israel has emerged as leading supplier of advanced military technology to China, despite U.S.'s clearly expressed opposition to Israeli-Chinese military cooperation [LAT 6/13].

IDF soldier throws tear gas grenade into UN maternity clinic in Gaza Strip; 66 infants are treated for gas inhalation. IDF says soldier acted contrary to orders, and legal steps would be taken. IDF was responding to stonethrowing incident around the clinic (cf. 6/13, 6/14) [JDS 6/12 in FBIS 6/14; WT, WP, LAT 6/13; FJ 6/18].