Saturday, September 22, 1990

New York Times reports that thousands of Israelis who might not ordinarily choose to become settlers are moving to O.T. because of housing shortage brought on by Soviet immigrants. Yisrael Harel, head of a settlers' council, says 6,000-7,000 Israelis have moved to O.T. this year, bringing settler population to just over 90,000 [NYT 9/23].

King Hussein reads 30-min. "open letter" to Americans over CNN explaining Jordanian position in Gulf crisis and reiterating Jordan's rejection of foreign military presence in the Gulf; condemns Iraqi invasion but declares that it is "not inexplicable" [NYT 9/23; MEM, CSM 9/24].

U.S.-chartered Iraqi Airways jet carrying 147 passengers lands in London, the last of the chartered "freedom flights" out of Iraq [WP 9/23].