Wednesday, August 28, 1991

Chmn. Arafat agrees to Palestinian participation in peace conference if four conditions are met: recognition of Palestinian right to self-determination; PLO must determine Palestinian participation in conference; Palestinians from E. Jerusalem must be allowed to participate and question of Jerusalem must not be deleted from conference agenda; Israeli settlement activity in occupied territories must be halted and international protection extended to Palestinians. Arafat also praises democratic reforms underway in USSR, amidst increasing criticism of Palestinian stance vis-a-vis the Soviet coup. (MEM 8/28)

Arafat meets Pres. Mubarak in Libya for first time since Gulf war. (MEM 8/29)

PFLP denounces U.S.-led peace plan, criticizes PL-0 for conditional agreement. (MEM 8/28)

Israeli press announces Israel recently requested aid from Germany to assist settlement of immigrants inIsrael. Finance ministry requested $5.74 billion in aid during secret negotiations held several weeks ago. (MEM 8/29)

Kuwait announces U.S. will build military base at Sabiyya, 40 km. from Kuwait-Iraq border. (MEM 8/28)