Saturday, February 16, 1991

Arab members of coalition end 2-day meeting in Cairo, find Baghdad's conditions for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait unacceptable, call on Saddam to leave "without conditions or strings" [MENA 2/16 in FBIS 2/19; NYT 2/17]; countries also propose economic and defense arrangements to improve Middle East postwar security [WP 2/17], and reaffirm support for Palestinian state, without mention of PLO [MEM 2/18].

Soviet Union concludes conditions set by Baghdad for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait would render its 2/15 proposal meaningless [NYT, WP 2/17].

2 U.S. A-10 fighter-bombers are short down over Kuwait: Iraq says 130 civilians killed on 2/14 when British bombs hit marketplace in Falluja [AFP 2/16 in FBIS 2/19; NYT 2/17]. Iraq launches 2 SCUD missiles at southern Israel; no damage [JAA 2/16 in FBIS 2/19; NYT, MEM 2/18].

Likud supporters criticize MKs Dedi Zucker and Chaim Oron for their 2/13 report on settlement construction (see JPS 79), saying report led U.S. admin. to delay granting $400 million in housing loan guarantees [IDF 2/16 in FBIS 2/19].

As Israeli authorities continue selectively to release Palestinian workers from war-induced curfew, many Palestinians are finding Soviet Jewish immigrants have taken over their jobs, according to New York Times [NYT 2/17].

PLO revolutionary courts condemn to death, then execute, 20 Fateh members who had rebelled againstheir commander earlier in the week [NYT 2/17].

Yasir Arafat arrives in Amman from Iraq to meet King Hussein [NYT 2/17].