Sunday, February 17, 1991

Senior U.S. military officials report American planes are using new night-flying tactic to destroy as many as 200 Iraqi tanks a day [NYT 2/18].

Iraqi F.M. Aziz arrives in Moscow for talks with Soviet leaders about Baghdad's highly conditional offer to withdraw from Kuwait; White House offers little hope for diplomatic solution [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 2/18].

Israel's ambassador to U.S. apologizes for 2/14 criticism of U.S. economic aid to Israel (cf. 2/18) [JTN 2/17 in FBIS 2/19; WP 2/18; WJW 2/21].

UNLU issues addendum to its call no. 67, in which it reaffirms support for Iraq's 2/15 cease-fire proposal (cf. 2/22) [AVP 2/18 in FBIS 2/19].

About 5,000 anti-war protestors march in New York City as talk of ground war intensifies [NYT 2/18].

Gov't. of Kuwait has hired U.S. lobbying firm of Neill & Co. to help smooth relations with Congress, deflect criticism of extravagant lifestyles of wealthy Kuwaitis, and ensure continued support for Kuwait [LAT 2/18].