Friday, March 1, 1991

U.S. military officials increase count of Americans killed in action to 89; allied command declines to estimate number of Iraqi dead, but count has begun as allied troops begin buIying Iraq's dead in mass graves [LAT 3/2].

Allies set up checkpoints along highways from Kuwait City to Basra to catch fleeing Iraqis suspected of committing atrocities against Kuwaiti citizens during the occupation [LAT 3/2].

Meeting between allied and Iraqi military commanders to discuss cease-fire and prisoner exchange, scheduled for today, is delayed 24 hours at Iraq's request [NYT, LAT, WP 3/2].

U.S. ambassador to Kuwait Edward Gnehm officially reopens embassy in Kuwait City [NYT 3/2].

F.M. Aziz demands in broadcast on Baghdad radio that all allied troops leave Iraq immediately [BADS 3/1 in FBIS 3/1; LAT, WP 3/2; MET 3/12].

In nationwide address, King Hussein congratulates Kuwaitis, expresses sympathy for Iraqis, urges postwar Arab unity and forgiveness, and calls for movement on Palestine question [MEM 3/1; NYT, LAT 3/2].

After 5-day survey around Baghdad, UNICEF and WHO officials warn that millions of lives are at stake unless water, food supplies, and medical services are restored soon. UN Sec.-Gen. Perez de Cuellar says he will send representative to Gulf to determine what role UN can take in supplying humanitarian aid [LAT 3/2].

Gannett news poll finds 91% approval rating for Pres. Bush; French poll gives Bush 76% approval rating among Frenchmen, only 4 points lower than Pres. Mitterrand; Bush's popularity surges in other European countries, notably Germany and Belgium [LAT 3/2].

Kuwait changes its passports and national currency aftereports of forgery by Iraqis; car license plates are also changed [LAT 3/2].