Saturday, August 1, 1992

IDF kills Fateh mbr. in Khan Yunis, Gaza. Three soldiers are wounded in the clash; IDF imposes curfew on the town. (IDF Radio 8/2 in FBIS 8/4; WP 8/3)

PLO criticizes Jordanian lower house for not mentioning "the sole legitimate representative," or calling strongly for an independent Palestinian state in its 7/30 statement. PNC "rejects" statement as Jordanian "interference in internal Palestinian affairs." (Jordan Times, Sawt al-Sha'b (quoting WAFA) 8/2 in FBIS 8/3)

UNLU issues call no. 85, calling for general strike 8/9, strike in Jerusalem 8/13. (Sanaa VOP 8/2 in FBIS 8/3; Al-Fajr 8/10)

Israel, SLA shells Malita, Jabal Safi, Jarju', Kafr Rumman regions, S.Lebanon. (Voice of the Mountain 8/2 in FBIS 8/3)