Tuesday, December 27, 1994

PM Rabin returns fr. Oman; says he discussed bilateral issues, possible agricultural assistance to Oman. Omani Information Min. says visit was meant to demonstrate Oman's support of peace process. Rabin phones King Hussein to brief him on the trip. (WP 12/27; QY 12/27 in FBIS 12/27; JT 12/28 in FBIS 12/28; NYT 12/28)

PA says of Israeli law 12/25 prohibiting official Palestinian activities in Jerusalem is violation of DOP, says Orient House will continue operating. (VOP 12/26, 12/27 in FBIS 12/27; QY, VOP 12/27 in FBIS 12/28)

Joint Jordanian-Israeli transportation comm. meets in Tiberias, agrees to reach accord by end of 1/95. Joint borders comm. meets in Tiberias to begin demarcation of border. (RJ 12/27 in FBIS 12/28)

200 Palestinians, led by PA Local Government M Saeb Erakat, mbrs. of Peace Now, stage protest at Efrat settlement. 10s soldiers surround, beat, detain 50 protesters, disperse rest. PM Rabin, FM Peres asks for review of expansion project, will consider halting it. (QY 12/27 in FBIS 12/27; ITV 12/27, Ma'ariv 12/28 in FBIS 12/28; NYT, WT 12/28) (see 12/26)