Monday, June 6, 1994

Israeli FM Peres acknowledges letter of assurances to PLO on Jerusalem, claimed by PLO Chmn. Arafat in Johannesburg speech 5/10 but denied by Israel.  Letter, sent to then-Norwegian FM Johan Jørgen Holst 10/11/93, promises to preserve status quo of "all the Palestinian institutions" in East Jerusalem.  Text of document printed in all Israeli newspapers.  (MM, WP 6/7; WJW 6/9; JP 6/18) 

Palestine Broadcast Authority conducts 1st experimental TV broadcast in Jericho, showing test pattern in Arabic and English, Palestinian flag.  (MM 6/7; TJT 6/10)

Palestinian leaders fr. o.t. meet at Orient House in Jerusalem, issue statement asserting rights to live, work, in Jerusalem, reject Israeli "political cordon" around city.  (MM 6/7)

Trilateral U.S.-Israel-Jordan economic talks resume in Washington.  (MM 6/6)