Wednesday, November 2, 1994

PM Rabin rejects offer by 2 Hamas leaders, Shaykhs Jamil Hamami and Hussein Abu Kwaik, to open dialogue. Offer is thought to be response to Dep. FM Beilin's statements 10/24. (WT 11/3)

Car bomb kills Hani Abed, leader of Islamic Jihad in Gaza; armed supporters riot, vow reprisals against Israel; no one claims responsibility for attack. (AFP 11/2 in FBIS 11/3; MM 11/3; VOP 11/3 in FBIS 11/4; WT 11/3; JP 11/5)

U.S. Secy. of State Christopher announces he will resume trips btwn. Israel, Syria end of Nov. to spur Syrian track. (MM 11/3)

Arafat arrives in Cairo for talks with Pres. Mubarak on peace process, Casablanca; departs. (MENA 11/2 in FBIS 11/3)

In statement to Turkish reporters, PM Rabin suggests piping water fr. Turkey to Israel, Syria, Lebanon once peace agmts. are signed. (TRT Television, Ankara 11/2 in FBIS 11/3)

IDF orders Kiryat Arba settlers to remove stone monument honoring Baruch Goldstein, perpetrator of Hebron massacre. (WT 11/3; JP 11/12)

Israel shells areas of southern Lebanon. (RL 11/1 in FBIS 11/2)