Friday, April 14, 1995

For 1st time since 12/94, PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad mbrs. meet to discuss ways of ending anti-Israeli attacks fr., inside self-rule areas. Hamas, Islamic Jihad demand release of prisoners, review of new military court. Arafat refuses, asks Islamists to drop opposition to Oslo Accord, renounce violence. Sides agree to keep talking. (WT 4/15; NYT, WT 4/17; MM 4/18; MEI 4/28)

In 1st border infiltration attempt fr. Jordan in 2 yrs, 1 armed Palestinian trying to cross into West Bank is wounded by IDF. (QY 4/15, ITV 4/16 in FBIS 4/18; JP 4/22) (see 3/26)