Thursday, August 10, 1995

FM Peres meets with Arafat before, after PA-Israeli "drafting comm." mtg. Both say they are closer to reaching preliminary self-rule agmt. Meanwhile, 10 comms meet in Elat to work out differences on specific issues blocking a final agmt. (MM, WT 8/10; AFP, ITV, MENA, QY, VOP 8/10, VOP 8/11 in FBIS 8/11)

2d group of 150 Palestinians is deported fr. Libya. Libya says it will continue expelling Palestinians to the self-rule areas via Egypt. PA says it has no agmt. with Libya to accept the deportees but PA, Israel have agreed to let them into Gaza. [Over the past 2 days, some 2,500 Egyptians have also been expelled. There are 40,000 Palestinians, 800,000-900,000 Egyptians in Libya.] (AFP, MENA 8/10 in FBIS 8/11; MM 8/11; PR 8/18) (see 8/9)

Jordan gives asylum to Iraqi defectors Lt. Gen. Hussein Kamel Hassan, Lt. Col. Saddam Kamel Hassan (both sons-in-law of Pres. Saddam Hussein), their families, 15 other army officers. Lt. Gen. Kamel headed Iraq's weapons program; Lt. Col. Kamel was chief of security. (NYT, WP, WT 8/11; CSM 8/14)

PA police arrest 5 Hamas mbrs. in Gaza, IDF arrests 17 West Bank Palestinians; all are accused of plotting attacks for Hamas. IDF orders West Bank, Gaza closure extended until 8/13. (QY 8/10 in FBIS 8/10; YA 8/11 in IL 8/11; WP 8/12) (see 8/9)