Wednesday, February 15, 1995

PM Rabin, FM Peres appoint Shimon Shamir, frmr. amb. to Egypt, Israel's 1st amb. to Jordan. (IDF Radio 2/15 in FBIS 2/16; MM 2/16, 2/17)

Palestinian police detain Palestinian human rights lawyer Raji Sourani for 16 hrs. after he criticizes Arafat's decision to set up military court system (see 2/7). (MM 2/15; QY 2/15 in FBIS 2/15; AFP 2/15 in FBIS 2/16; MM, NYT 2/16; PR 2/20)

South Africa's FM Alfred Nazo signs agmt. with PLO's al-Qaddumi, officially recognizing Palestine; says recognition should not affect South Africa's relations with Israel. (PR 2/20)

U.S. continues to pressure Egypt to sign NPT. Says it will not force issue with Israel because of its "vulnerable position" in the region, fears of angering American supporters of Israel. Some mbrs. of Congress say they will push to reduce foreign aid to Egypt if it does not sign. (NYT 2/16)

Israel releases 2 Arab-Americans arrested 1/93 on suspicion of funnelling money to Hamas, drops all charges. (NYT 2/16)