Sunday, July 9, 1995

U.S. Senate delegation, accompanied by U.S. Consul Gen. Edward Abington, visits Arafat, discusses status of talks with Israel. Arafat then briefs Australian FM Gareth Evans on negotiations, the economy, Australia's role in international presence following expansion of self-rule. (VOP 7/9, 7/11 in FBIS 7/11)

50 Palestinians are wounded when they try to stop IDF bulldozers fr. clearing land for a joint Israeli-PA liaison office in the West Bank. (CSM 7/10)

VP Gore reverses decision to hire part-time speechwriter Richard Marius full-time after New Republic editor Martin Peretz protests Marius's 1992 book review that was critical of Israel; says hiring Marius could be a political embarrassment. (WP 7/19; MEI 8/4; WJW 8/10)