Wednesday, May 24, 1995

In Amman, King Hussein opens mtg. btwn. Arafat, 120 Jordanian businessmen to encourage investment in Palestine. Arafat then meets with PM Sharif Zaid Bin Shakir to discuss bilateral relations, leaves for similar talks with Pres. Mubarak, Arab League Secy. Gen. `Abd al-Majid in Cairo. (JTV, RJ 5/24 in FBIS 5/25; MM 5/25; VOP 5/25 in FBIS 5/26; MEI 5/28; MENA 5/29 in FBIS 5/30)

In Brussels, PA, Israeli negotiators meet with EU officials to discuss EU sponsorship, financing of 700-mbr. international monitor team for forthcoming elections. (MM 5/24; SA 5/25 in FBIS 5/26) (see 5/17)

In Tel Aviv, Russian Dep. FM Viktor Posuvalyuk meets with FM Peres, Dep. FM Beilin; offers to host next mtg. of Multilateral Working Group on Arms Control. (QY 5/24, HA 5/25 in FBIS 5/25)

Israeli Housing Min. approves construction of 1,500 units in East Jerusalem for Palestinian families. Units would be the 1st ever built by Israel for Palestinians in annexed East Jerusalem. (AFP 5/24 in FBIS 5/24)

In student council elections at Birzeit, Fatah wins 21 seats, Hamas 18, PFLP 8, PPP 3, DFLP 1. Islamic Jihad did not run. Fida received 16 of the 2,385 votes. Islamic bloc wins majority of seats in al-Bireh Medical College, `Abdallah Bin Husayn College elections. Fatah wins at Bethlehem University. (ITV 5/24 in FBIS 5/25; MM 5/25; MEI 6/9)