Tuesday, December 24, 1996

At Erez crossing, Arafat, Netanyahu hold their longest face-to-face mtg. to date to try to final issues preventing a Hebron deal. (IDF Radio, RMC 12/24 in WNC 12/27; NYT, WP, WT 12/25; CSM 12/27; MA 12/27 in WNC 12/30; JP 1/4)

In Hurghada, Egypt, Pres. Mubarak discusses PA-Israeli talks with Israeli DM Mordechai. (RE 12/24 in WNC 12/27; WT 12/25; JP 1/4)

Israel permits Islamic University of Hebron, which was closed in 3/96, to reopen within 2 days; lifts curfew on Hebron; reopens to Palestinian traffic a road in Gaza that runs by Netzarim settlement. (NYT 12/25; CSM, WT 12/27; JP 1/4) (see 11/24)

Iraqi oil M arrives in Turkey for 4-day visit to discuss boosting bilateral trade in light of the oil-for-food deal. (INA 12/24 in WNC 12/27; INA 12/26, 12/27 in WNC 12/30) (see 12/9)

In s. Lebanon, roadside bomb explodes, killing 2 mbrs. of the IDF's Egoz unit, wounding 2. Hizballah claims responsibility. In separate incident in s. Lebanon, a Lebanese child is wounded by IDF shelling. (ITV, QY, RL 12/24, ITV 12/25 in WNC 12/27; WP 12/25; WJW 1/23) (see 12/14)