Tuesday, August 12, 1997

U.S. special envoy Ross announces that Israel, the PA have resumed security cooperation, result will make or break long-term peace efforts. (MM 8/12; AFP 8/12 in WNC 8/13; MM, WP, WT 8/13; MM, CSM, NYT 8/14)

In Nablus, 10,000 Palestinians march to protest U.S., Israeli efforts to press Arafat to crack down on anti-Israeli militants in the West Bank, Gaza. Palestinians in Gaza stage a smaller rally. (CSM, WP, WT 8/13)

Syria formally rejects an Israeli proposal for a new formula to resume negotiations. (MM 8/13; YA 8/13 in WNC 8/14; YA 8/14 in WNC 8/15)

MEPFA expires, forcing the PLO to close its office in Washington. The U.S. will continue diplomatic contacts with the PA. U.S. assistance to Palestinian projects will not be interrupted. (NYT, WP, WT 8/13; MM, WP 8/14; PR 8/15) (see 8/1)

PA military court finds 3 Force 17 mbrs. guilty of treason for "spying for the Israeli intelligence service"; condemns 1 to death, 1 to life with hard labor, 1 to 15 yrs. with hard labor. (NYT, WP, WT 8/13) (see 7/19)

Israel eases restrictions on produce crossing fr. the West Bank and Gaza, allowing 3 trucks of eggplants into Israel. (IDF Radio 8/12 in WNC 8/13; WT 8/13)

Nr. Bethlehem, 2 Palestinian cousins sneak through the IDF blockade of the city--1 to get heart medication, 1 to get money owned him by his employer nr. Jerusalem. They are caught, severely beaten by the IDF, sent back to a hospital in Bethlehem. (WP 8/16)

Palestinian woman gives birth at an IDF checkpoint outside Ramallah after soldiers refuses to let her into the PA-controlled city to reach a hospital. (WT 8/13)

SLA vacates 7 Lebanese villages s. of Sidon, turning them over to the Lebanese army. (RL 8/12 in WNC 8/13)

Israel releases Joseph, Jean Nahra, who were kidnapped in s. Lebanon by the IDF 7/9, taken to al-Khiyam prison. Israel has never explained their detention. (WT 8/13) (see 8/7)