Monday, January 27, 1997

Syrian VP Khaddam, FM Shara` leave Saudi Arabia for Kuwait. After mtgs. there, they return to Damascus to meet with EU special envoy Moratinos. Shara` denies that Moratinos brought any new Israeli proposals for restarting negotiations. (MM 1/27; AFP 1/27 in WNC 1/28; AFP, SANA 1/27 in WNC 1/29; MM 1/28)

Belgium, Israel, the PA sign a $850,000 trilateral scientific accord to supply primary, secondary medical aid, incl. high-tech medical equipment. (Libre Belgique 1/29 in WNC 1/31)

IDF forcibly removes 30 bedouin fr. Jahalin; bulldozes their homes; trucks their belongings, animals to a new site outside Jerusalem. 10 of the 30 are hospitalized with injures sustained in the move. (WP 1/28; PR 1/31) (see 1/14)

Israeli jurist and negotiator Elyakim Rubinstein is appointed atty. gen. (MM 1/27) (see 1/26)