Wednesday, October 29, 1997

At FM Levy's request, Israeli inner cabinet meets to try to decide on a unifed negotiating position for FM Levy to take to Washington for much-delayed talks with PA negotiator Abbas. (MM 10/29; IDF Radio, QY 10/29 in WNC 10/30; ITV 10/29, 10/30 in WNC 11/3; CSM, MM, NYT 10/30; MM 10/31; YA 11/2 in WNC 11/4; WP 11/3)

Russian FM Primakov arrives in Egypt for 2-day visit--the last stop on his regional tour. (MM 10/29; MENA 10/29 in WNC 10/30; MENA 10/30 in WNC 11/3)

Al-Shuhada Street in Hebron partially reopens to Palestinian civilian traffic. (WP, WT 10/30)

41 yrs. after Israeli border policemen killed 49 Palestinians in Qufr Qassim on the day the 1956 war began, Israeli Tourism M Moshe Katsav returns to the village to give official apology. On departing, he is booed by villagers. (MM 10/30)

U.S. agrees to sell China nuclear technology after China promises to stop aiding Iran's nuclear development program. (WP 10/30)

Iraq orders all 10 American UNSCOM mbrs. to leave the country and the U.S. to cancel planned U-2 intelligence flights. (MM 10/31; CSM 11/3) (see 10/23)