Thursday, September 25, 1997

In Amman, local Hamas leader Khalid Mishal is admited to hospital with convulsions apparently the result of an altercation with 2 Canadian tourists. His condition mysteriously worsens overnight, suggesting possible poisining. Hamas claims Israel attempted to assasinate Mashal in retaliation for attack on embassy guards 9/22. (RJ, RMC 9/25 in WNC 9/26; NYT 9/26; RMC 9/26, al-Quds al-Arabi 9/27, al-Ra'i 9/28 in WNC 9/30; WT 9/28; MM, NYT 9/29, 10/1; NYT 10/2; al-Ra'i 10/5 in WNC 10/7; JP 10/11; NYT 10/15; MM 10/23)

At the UN, Secy. of State Albright says that Israel's decision to expand Efrat settlement "is not at all helpful" to the peace process, calls on Israel to "honor the time-out" on construction. (MM, NYT, WT 9/26; YA 10/8 in WNC 10/9) (see 9/24)

PA shuts a Hamas television station; seals more than 20 Hamas-owned charities in Gaza offering social, welfare, education services; arrests 13 suspected Hamas mbrs. in Qalqilya. (LAW 9/25; ITV 9/25 in WNC 9/26; NYT, WT 9/26; PCHR 9/29; PR 10/3)

In Amman, Jordan, U.S. sign agmt. forgiving the remaining $63.4 m. of Jordan's debt to the U.S. Since 1994, the U.S. has written off $700 m. of Jordanian debts. (RJ 9/25 in WNC 9/26)

Jordan orders 7 newspapers (al-Bilad, al-Hadath, Hawadith al-Sa`a, al-Majd, al-Mithaq, al-Sayad, Sawt al-Mara`a) to suspend publication for failure to comply with Article 24 of the new press law, which requires all weekly newspapers to raise their capital to JD300,000. (JT 9/25 in WNC 9/26; MM 10/21)

2 SLA mbrs., 1 civilian are wounded by Hizballah shelling in s. Lebanon. (RL 9/25 in WNC 9/26)