Wednesday, October 14, 1998

PM Netanyahu, FM Sharon stop in Amman to brief Crown Prince Hassan on talks with the PA before heading to Washington. (MM 10/14; RJ 10/14 in WNC 10/15; NYT 10/14; JTV, al-Dustur 10/15 in WNC 10/17; YA 10/18 in WNC 10/20; MM 10/19; al-Watan al-Arabi 11/6 in WNC 11/12)

1,000s of right-wing Israelis outside PM Netanyahu's home demonstrate against FRD. (ITV 10/14 in WNC 10/16)

Turkey announces preparations for talks with Syria. (MENA 10/14 in WNC 10/15; MIL, Sabah 10/14 in WNC 10/16; IRNA 10/19 in WNC 10/20) (see 10/13)

The UN secures the Taliban's agmt. to hold talks with Iran in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia, toward ending the military standoff along their common border. (WP 10/17) (see 10/8)

Nr. Nablus, a Palestinian boy is critically injured, his mother lightly wounded when a munition fr. an IDF firing range 700 meters away that had landed unexploded in the family's olive grove detonates. (Infopal News Bulletin [Internet] 10/14)

Construction begins on 1,200 new houses for Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Contractors claim the new buildings are an expansion of Alei Zahav settlement, which is over a mile away. Alei Zahav has 330 residents (90 families). (Infopal News Bulletin [Internet] 10/15)