Saturday, July 3, 1999

Kuwait holds parliamentary elections. Liberal candidates win 14 seats, up from 4, in the 50-mbr. parliament, making the approval of the 5/16 cabinet decision to grant women the right to vote almost certain. (NYT, WT 7/4; MM, WT 7/5; M 7/14)

In Paris, Egyptian pres. Mubarak discusses the peace process with Pres. Chirac. Mubarak makes a brief stop in Algeria before returning to Cairo in the evening. (MENA 7/3 in WNC 7/6; NYT 7/5)

France, the U.S. assure Lebanon that the April understandings are still in force, will not be amended. Lebanon says it will continue to abide by the 1996 agmt. (RL 7/3 in WNC 7/6) (see 6/29)