Sunday, January 30, 2000

In Elat, Israel, the PA begin 10 days of intensive FAPS talks. (WT 1/30; AFP, AYM 1/30 in WNC 1/31; al-Quds 1/30 in WNC 2/1; NYT, WP, WT 1/31; MM 2/3)

At Pres. Clinton's recommendation, Barak goes to Cairo to discuss with Mubarak ways to speed the multitrack peace process. Mubarak briefs Barak on his recent mtgs. with Arafat, Asad, King Abdallah. (MENA 1/30 in WNC 1/31, 2/7; MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/31; MM 2/1; WJW 2/3) (see 1/22)

In Davos, Secy. of State Albright meets separately with PA's Arafat, Jordan's King Abdallah, Egypt's FM Musa, Israel's Regional Cooperation M Peres for talks on the peace process. Peres also meets with Bahrain's crown prince Shaykh Salman Bin-Hamad al-Khalifa. (AFP 1/30 in WNC 1/31; MM, NYT 1/31; MM 2/1, 2/2)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah detonates a large roadside bomb, killing the SLA's 2d in command Col. `Aql Hashim. Israel considers the assassination a significant blow since Hashim was the only likely successor to SLA Cmdr. Antoine Lahd, who is expected to retire soon. The IDF makes a limited counterattack on Hizballah targets, killing 1 civilian. (RL 1/30 in WNC 1/31; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 1/31; MM 2/2; WJW 2/3; al-Safir 2/3 in WNC 2/4; MEI 2/11)