Wednesday, June 21, 2000

After Shas agrees to stay in the coalition if Meretz cabinet mbrs. leave, Trade M Ran Cohen, Agriculture M Haim Oron, Education M Sarid resign their posts. Meretz, which holds 10 Knesset seats, vows to continue to support Barak's peace policy. (MM, WJW, WT 6/22; CSM, JP, MM, WP, WT 6/23; MA 6/23, IRNA 6/24 in WNC 6/27; MA 6/23, al-Quds 6/24, MA 6/25 in WNC 6/29; MM 6/27; JP 6/30)

In Ramallah, the PSF arrests Ghlem, Arafat's adviser for refugee affairs, for criticizing the PA's handling of the refugee issue. (MENL 6/25; LAW 6/26; MEI 6/30; LAW 7/4, 8/1) (see 6/20)