Sunday, November 19, 2000

With the reinforced closure on Palestinian villages, Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate significantly, although 1 Palestinian is killed. Israel decides not to retaliate for the death of a soldier in Gaza on 11/18. The IDF reinforces barricades and digs trenches across roads at the entrances to al-Bireh, Hebron, Jinin; reinforces hilltop outposts surrounding Bethlehem, Hebron, Jinin, al-Khadir, Nablus, Qalqilya. Armed Jewish settlers chase off Palestinians harvesting their olive groves nr. Tubas. Other settlers uproot Palestinian-owned olive trees nr. Keddumim settlement; open fire on Palestinian cars nr. Nablus, injuring 1. (LAW 11/19; ADM, AIC, NYT, WP, WT 11/20)

In Jordan, an Israeli emb. official is shot, wounded in an apparent assassination attempt. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 11/20; Tehran Times 11/21 in WNC 11/22; WP 12/6; AFP 12/6 in WNC 12/8)

Lebanese protesters throw stones at IDF troops across the blue line, the UN nonborder separating the 2 countries. IDF troops fire across the blue line into the crowd, injuring 1 protester. (NYT 11/20; MEI ll/24)

Antinormalization Comm. of the Union of Professional Associations in Jordan releases its blacklist of 22 Jordanian individuals, companies that have advocated normalization with Israel; urges Jordanians to boycott those on the list. (AP 11/19; NYT 11/22; WJW 11/23; MEI 12/22)