Thursday, November 23, 2000

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, leaving at least 2 Palestinians dead, including Hamas mbr. Ibrahim Bani Odeh, who dies when a car bomb rigged by the IDF explodes in Nablus. The 2d Palestinian is shot dead by the IDF in Gaza after a roadside bomb detonates nr. an IDF patrol. Palestinian gunmen open fire on an IDF post in Gaza, killing 1 IDF soldier. A 2d IDF soldier is killed when a bomb explodes at a District Coordination Office (DCO) in Gaza, where PA-Israeli joint patrols are based. The IDF shells residential areas nr. Rafah border terminal, destroying 1 Palestinian home. (LAW 11/23; LAW, NYT, WP, WT 11/24; HA 12/1; WJW 12/28)

Barak's security cabinet continues discussions on how to respond to the 11/22 Hadera bombing, rejects a list of Palestinian targets for retaliatory strikes, arguing that air strikes have had little deterrent effect on the Palestinians while damaging Israel's public image, that Israel should switch to "precision operations against specific targets." Following the DCO bombing today, Israel evicts PSF officers fr. all DCOs, officially severing all security coordination. Later, however, senior PA and Israeli security officials meet at Erez to discuss ways of halting further escalation of violence. (MM 11/23; MENA 11/23 in WNC 11/24; MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT, YA 11/24; al-Quds 11/26 in WNC 11/29)