Monday, September 25, 2000

At Barak's home, Arafat, Barak meet for the 1st time since the Camp David summit. After the 3-hr. mtg., during which Clinton phones Arafat, Israel and the PA announce that their senior negotiators will go to Washington in the next few days to meet with the U.S. peace team, possibly to hold 3-way talks. (MM 9/25; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/26; NYT 9/27)

Israeli chief negotiator Ben-Ami goes to Jordan, Egypt reportedly to promote the idea of entrusting the UN Security Council (UNSC) to resolve competing claims on Jerusalem. (JP [Internet], MM 9/25; NYT 9/26; MM 9/27)

A Knesset comm. approves a draft law that would require an absolute majority of 61 MKs to endorse a decision to turn over land within the present municipal borders of Jerusalem to "a foreign body." (NYT 9/26)

In the Galilee, 1,000 Israeli Arab residents of `Ayn Mahal strike to protest the seizure of 450 acres of their land for the expansion of Jewish Upper Nazareth. (AFP [Internet] 9/25)