Tuesday, August 6, 2002

The IDF assassinates wanted AMB mbrs. Ali Ajuri (who allegedly plotted the 7/17 Tel Aviv bombing, reportedly is the leader of al-Nathir) and Murad Marshud, firing air-to-surface missile at them in Jenin. Israel orders Ajuri's brother, sister deported to Gaza for sheltering him. The IDF also captures an armed Egyptian infiltrator, who crossed the border into Israel nr. Elat; imposes a curfew on al-Qarara, orders all men over age 15 to surrender for questioning, conducts house-to-house searches, bulldozes 3 dunams of agricultural land. (AP, HA, LAW, MM 8/6; LAW, NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 8/7) (see 7/19)

Throwing out appeals by 49 Palestinian families, Israel's High Court upholds the IDF's right to demolish homes of Palestinians accused of "terrorist" attacks without giving family mbrs. warning. Currently, 107 homes that housed suicide bombers are slated for demolition, plus 100s of other homes belonging to other "suspected terrorists." (HA, MM, NYT, WP 8/7; al-Quds 8/7 in WNC 8/12)