Friday, June 20, 2003

Hamas gunmen fire on a vehicle driving nr. Ofra settlement, killing 1 Jewish settler, wounding 3. A bicycle laden with explosives explodes nr. an IDF checkpoint in central Gaza, causing no damage or injuries; soldiers find, disarm a larger roadside bomb nearby. The IDF fatally shoots a mentally disabled Palestinian woman nr. Morag settlement in s. Gaza, later admitting the shooting was a mistake; demolishes a gas station, bulldozes 8 dunams of land nr. Khan Yunis; razes 1 Palestinian home, a poultry farm, 1 dunam of land in Dayr al-Balah; conducts arrest raids in Hebron. Jewish settlers reestablish an unauthorized settlement outpost nr. Neve Tzuf that was evacuated earlier in the wk. (HA, JP 6/20; NYT, WP, WT 6/21; PR 6/25; PCHR 6/26)

En route to a Quartet mtg. and a World Economic Forum conference in Jordan, Powell stops in Israel to meet with Sharon, then in Jericho to meet with Abbas. (HA, MM 6/20; AYM 6/20, MENA, NHR, SA 6/21, Der Spiegel [Hamburg] 6/23 in WNC 6/24; NYT, WP, WT 6/21; MM 6/23; MM, PR 6/25; MEI 6/27; THWR 6/27 in WNC 7/29)