Sunday, July 11, 2004

A parcel bomb explodes next to a Tel Aviv bus stop, killing 1 IDF soldier, wounding 20 Israelis, marking the 1st fatal bombing inside Israel since the 3/14 Ashdod bombings; AMB takes responsibility. Sharon, stressing that the bombing proves the need for the separation wall, calls the bombing the “first murder sponsored by the International Court of Justice.” Palestinians also fire an antitank missile at Gaza’s Atzmona settlement, causing no damage or injuries. The IDF demolishes 1 Palestinian home and a factory, fires on residential areas in Bayt Hanun; demolishes a Palestinian home in Qabatya. (VOI 7/11 in WNC 7/13; MM, NYT, WT 7/12; PR 7/14; PCHR 7/15; MEI 7/23)