Monday, June 8, 2009

Before dawn, 10 gunmen fr. the militant Salafist group Soldiers of the Companions of God (SCG) approach the Gaza side of the Nahal Oz crossing in several trucks and on 5 horses and begin laying roadside bombs when they are fired upon by IDF troops on the Israeli side, sparking an exchange of fire that leaves 4 SCG gunmen dead; no IDF soldiers are injured. The IDF briefly sends tanks and helicopters into Gaza to clear the area. In the West Bank, the IDF bulldozes 40 d. of Palestinian agricultural land, 7 wells, and several greenhouses e. of Hebron; patrols in Sa‘ir village nr. Hebron at midday, chasing and detaining 4 stone-throwing youths who confront them; conducts synchronized late-night house searches in ‘Aida r.c. and al-Duha village nr. Bethlehem. (NYT 6/9; OCHA, PCHR 6/11; JPI 6/19; REU 8/15; OCHA Humanitarian Monitor 8/09)