Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ross and Hale return to the U.S., having failed to secure a last-minute postponement of the Palestinian statehood bid. U.S. officials say they are “at a loss” for how a U.S. veto can now be avoided. Quartet efforts to broker a resumption of talks continue, however. (NYT, WP 9/9)

IDF troops on the s. Gaza border fire toward al-Qarara village, causing no damage or injuries. In the West Bank, the IDF conducts daytime patrols in 4 villages nr. Qalqilya, 3 villages northwest of Salfit, and 2 villages southwest of Ramallah; conducts synchronized late-night patrols in 4 villages nr. Tulkarm and additional late-night patrols in 1 village nr. Ramallah. In Ramallah, 10s of Palestinians hold the 1st small demonstration in support of the statehood bid, marching to the UN’s local headquarters. Jewish settlers fr. Shvut Rachel settlement nr. Nablus set fire to 2 Palestinian cars and vandalize a mosque in nearby Yatma village to protest the IDF’s 9/5 removal of structures at Migron outpost. Jewish settlers fr. Yitzhar nr. Nablus uproot 17 olive trees in nearby Hawara village. (NYT, WT 9/9; PCHR 9/15; OCHA 9/16)