Friday, October 4, 1991

Four Israeli F-15 fighter planes fly on a reconnaissance mission over western Iraq. Iraqi officials claim the planes entered from Syrian airspace and left over Saudi airspace. U.S. strongly protested the action. One U.S. official claimed the planes traveled over Jordan, not Syria and Saudi Arabia. Israeli officials claim U.S. is not providing enough information on Iraqi missile sites in Iraq, that Israel must gather such information itself. (NYT, WP 10/9; WP 10/10)

Israeli newspaper Qol Ha'ir reports Sharon and the militant religious Ateret Cohanim movement have prepared a plan to establish 26 "settlement points" within Palestinian neighborhoods in the Jerusalem area, including 200 housing units in Silwan on eastern outskirts of East Jerusalem (HaAretz 10/4 in FBIS 10/4)

Settlers from Golan present PM Shamir a five-year plan for increased Israeli settlement on the Golan Heights. The plans call for expenditures of $200 million in roads, infrastructure, and for increasing number of settlers from present figure of 11,500 to 40,000 within four years. Shamir accepts plan by noting there was "no shadow of doubt" about Israel's future control of Golan. (MEM 10/4)

Israeli newspaper HaAretz reports that Israel, Germany have failed to reach an understanding over Israel's request for DM10 billion in credito assist settling Jewish immigrants. Among other reasons, Israel's request was based upon the fact that the former East Germany never paid reparations to Israel as did West Germany [see 8/28]. (HaAretz 10/4 in FBIS 10/8)