Wednesday, February 13, 1991

Hundreds of Iraqi civilians, many of them women and children, are killed when 2 American bombs score precision hits on what Baghdad calls residential bomb shelter and U.S. calls Iraqi command-and-control bunker; U.S. says Saddam "kills civilians intentionally," and suggests that he allowed civilians to use shelter in hopes of shielding military bunker [NYT, LAT, WP, WT, MEM 2/14].

U.S. sources claim Iraq has major military communications center hidden in secret basement of one of main Baghdad hotels used by foreigners [NYT 2/14].

Jordan says about 60 Jordanians and Sudanese fleeing Gulf war were killed in recent days when allied planes attacked buses in which they were riding [NYT 2/14].

During visit to Damascus, German F.M. Hans-Dietrich Genscher says Syria has renewed its commitment to recognize Israel's right to exist as part of new Middle East order to be established after Gulf war; Syria also says it remains committed to Palestinian self-determination [NYT, WP 2/14].